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I'm super stoked to be experimenting with making my own plant-based cheese products! This is the one category of dairy I find most difficult to go without. Most commercial plant-based products available near me are either highly processed, expensive or lacking in variety (or all three). But first, a note about the word "cheese".

The vegan application of this word seems to provoke a fair bit of argument from dairy consumers and...

With converting traditional tapioca pudding recipes that use whole milk and eggs to vegan recipes, there are generally two ways to procede. Use a nut milk and cornstarch (less fat and expense) or use a combination of nut milk and coconut milk (more fat, more expensive, slightly more rich in texture). I'm all about indulging for less $$, so I made the cornstarch version. I also reduced the sweetener just a bit becaus...

I adore asparagus! When it's newly harvested, I can eat an entire bundle without ever considering what to "make" with it. When I do think about preparation, grilling is my all-time favorite method... and grilled over charcoal, even better!

You can still enjoy this vibrant vegetable during most of the year, although it may not be quite as sweet. According to Harold McGee, world-renowned authority on the chemistry of foods and c...