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I'm super stoked to be experimenting with making my own plant-based cheese products! This is the one category of dairy I find most difficult to go without. Most commercial plant-based products available near me are either highly processed, expensive or lacking in variety (or all three). But first, a note about the word "cheese".

The vegan application of this word seems to provoke a fair bit of argument from dairy consumers and...

One of the attributes of tofu that I love is its adaptability. You can give it just about any flavor profile you choose. Your only limitation is your imagination! The other thing I love is its bang for the buck. A 3.5 ounce serving of organic extra firm tofu provides roughly 120 calories, 12g protein, 5g of mostly unsaturated fat, is an excellent source of manganese, a good source of selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphoro...

February 22, 2019

Ready to get your crunch on? My friend Brynn McDowell, aka The Domestic Dietitian made a little video a while back on how to make these fantastic-looking crackers with just three ingredients and five minutes: whole grain lavash bread, extra virgin olive oil and spices. I've been dying to make these ever since.

THREE times I've put whole grain lavash bread on the shopping list... and THREE times it has been eaten before...

I've been in love with using fresh lemons in my kitchen for a long time. I often use the zest, juice and slices to add freshness, acidity and that distinct perfumed sourness lemons provide.  Meyer lemons took my love affair to a whole new level of pleasure... and the first time I tasted preserved Meyer lemons, I knew I wanted to make my own. Preserved Meyer lemons are soft and salty with a bright lemon flavor and none of the...

December 7, 2018

Hey there! How's your day goin'? Ready for a little coffee break? Good deal, me too! and I've got the perfect little somethin'-somethin' for ya!  

No Bake Pumpkin Spice Balls with... get this... finely chopped DARK CHOCOLATE! The good stuff. Just half a bar, you don't have to use it all. You know the one I'm talkin' about... the emergency stash in the secret hiding place. Not any left in that hiding spot? Check the other one.....

November 2, 2018

Soft, warm, chewy, flavorful... what's not to love about homemade naan bread?! I've taken it a step further by adding pureed pumpkin, caramelized onions, crushed fennel seeds, peppercorns and dried sage leaves to create this version that truly celebrates fall! Completely plant-based too!

Gorgeous color, evocative flavor, tender texture... this Pumpkin Naan Bread is the perfect accompaniment to soups, stews, curries, salads or...

October 5, 2018

The cooler nights and early mornings fall morning always get me excited for warm fall flavors - especially when sweet pie pumpkins are included! And who doesn't love the sound of a crispy loaf of bread being sliced (or torn!) into?

Combine these two with pumpkin seeds or toasted walnuts and plenty of pumpkin pie spice and you've got the perfect autumn boule!

And what if I told you these will only take you about five minutes to...

September 7, 2018

I never quite understood the whole avocado toast craze until my college semesters became more intense last fall. Between studying, recipe development, photo shoots, volunteering, writing, and trying to plot the spring gardens, regular meals became, well... less regular. At the last farmer's market of the season in Kennebunk, ME, I was treated to samples of fermented vegetables from Gracie's Garden in Standish, Maine. 

At the t...

July 20, 2018

Whether you're headed to a BBQ, a potluck supper, a picnic or any summer gathering, you can count on potato salad among the offerings. There are as many variations as there are people who make it. With the usual addition of mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, sour cream and even bacon it can be difficult to maintain a safe temperature before harmful bacteria begin to proliferate - and all those add-ins can really add up (pun intend...

July 13, 2018

I love ALL the delicious things that can either be cooked over natural charcoal on the outdoor grill or require NO cooking at all when summer heat gets intense! Check out the bottom of this post for some great additional recipes to help you beat the summer heat.

These marinated Lemony Tofu Flatbread Bites are perfect for a summer appetizer, picnic, BBQ, lunch or dinner. I've included all the components so you can make as much...

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