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Strawberry Vanilla Vegan Fudge

Everyone should have one easy, fool-proof fudge recipe up their sleeve for those special occasions when you want to treat those you love to a delectable treat. I learned how to make quite an assortment of fancy confections while in baking & pastry arts school, yet I still prefer the recipe I've been making since I was 10 years old. Eagle Brand's Fool Proof Chocolate Fudge ~ five ingredients, always perfect! Just one problem. Eagle Brand Sweetened condensed milk is a dairy product. I now want a plant-based alternative. I set out to create a vegan fudge that's just as easy and reliable. Without much fuss, I did just that. ONLY six ingredients and less than 15 minutes is all it takes to produce

Mediterranian White Bean Dip ~ Oil-Free!

When it comes to quick, economical, and nutritious party foods that are also DELICIOUS, you just can't beat legumes! Often this means hummus... but sometimes a girl just needs a break from chickpeas! Cannelinni beans (or white kidney beans) are a great option because they have a milder texture and flavor than chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) allowing you to take them in a number of flavor directions. Cannellini beans also contain more protein and Vitamin E than chickpeas, and more than twice as much calcium per serving. That's good enough for me! So why no oil? Isn't olive oil synonymous with Mediterranian cuisine.... and isn't it delicious?? Yes and YES! However, olive oil is also calorie dens

Rice Noodle Bowls with Baked Tempeh

I finally ended my bad relationship with tempeh. It was time. No more buying a package, half-heartedly following a recipe (or not), only to be disappointed... the left-overs being pushed to the back of the fridge until I finally threw them out in disgust. I learned two things: 1) stop treating tempeh like tofu, and 2) how to treat tempeh like tempeh. This is the method that FINALLY made me happy to be eating tempeh! So what is tempeh anyway and how is it different from tofu? Tempeh is a traditional fermentation process whereby whole cooked soybeans are cultured and allowed to ferment in a controlled environment. This allows the bean to bind together firmly. It also gives the block both flav

Lacto-Fermented Moroccan-Spiced Carrots

BA-BAM! These are sure to wake up your palate and make getting your daily dose of probiotics a cinch! The last time I shopped at a farmer's market, I swooped up several bags of beautiful slender, multi-colored carrots ~ which I still needed to use. We ate a bunch, but I wanted to make the rest into some sort of condiment that would show-case their beautiful colors. I've also been itching to get back to fermenting some vegetables and lacto-fermentation is an easy method. Lacto-fermentation is an anaerobic preservation and fermentation method for fruits and vegetables. It relies on naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria to ferment the sugars in the plants to lactic acid. The lactic acid bact

Catherine's Catch! Crispy Caulifish & Chips

These are the bomb diggity... the #bombcyclone even! They are crispy, flavorful, healthful and delicious! Deciding to forego farm-raised and unsustainable seafoods, as well as unhealthy fried foods (most of the time!) created a void that I needed (yes, needed) to fill. Like that mosquito hovering just out of reach, I couldn't let go of the idea there had to be a plant-based version of fish 'n chips that would satisfy this craving. One that would not be fried, or produced in a factory, has easy to procure and affordable ingredients... and, most importantly, TASTED GREAT! Well, I did it! Family approved ~ with rainbow slaw and tartar sauce even. I mean, just look at all that crunchy, golden go

Tangy Vegan Tartar Sauce

I hid the last bit of this sauce in the back of the fridge so I could savor the final spoonful while typing up the recipe - as if somehow the aroma and flavors would travel through my fingertips and allow me to give you this same heady experience. I'm pretty sure hiding yummy sauce from your 15-year-old (so it will still be there for about half an hour) loses me the mother of the year award. But, oh man... I think it was worth it. Condiments can make or break a dish. Used properly, they can take something that's just "meh" and turn it into OMG, what is this dish and is there any more?? Tartar sauce has always been a favorite of mine, especially with fish 'n chips. Tartar sauce and malt vineg

Creamy Lemon Basil Dressing

Success! Creamy Lemon Basil Dressing... zippy, velvety, colorful and full of bold flavors! Guess what it doesn't have?? No oil and no sugar...SCORE. I left this bottle rather thick, which paired beautifully with roasted purple cabbage steaks. The rest I'll thin down just a smidge to dress a roasted root vegetable winter salad. This dressing is also fantastic over hasselback potatoes or as a dip for crudites. The process is simple. Here we go. PRINT HERE. Total Time: 2 hours Prep Time: 10 minutes, plus 2 hour soak for cashews Cook Time: 40 minutes For approximately 1 cup of dressing, you will need: ½ cup plain cashews soaked in hot water for 2 hrs, drained (save the wat

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